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From Foster Youth to Change-makers: The Pivotal Impact Journey

Updated: Oct 15

Founder's Statement from Vincianna and Latrenda:

Growing up in Alameda County's foster care system, we, Latrenda and Vincianna, crossed paths a few times during those challenging years. Life's intricate tapestry only truly brought us together over a decade ago when we landed a life-changing opportunity as youth advocates. That shared mission blossomed into a profound friendship as we navigated the turbulence of early adulthood, leaning on each other for support, understanding, and hope.

We've walked the path that many of our program's participants now tread. We've faced the same barriers, fought the same battles, and felt the same dreams burn within our hearts. Our experiences have not only shaped us but ignited a shared passion to bring Pivotal Impact to life.

Pivotal Impact is more than an organization to us; it's a promise to every young person that they will never walk alone. We see ourselves in each face, hear our own stories in their voices, and feel their aspirations as if they were our own. Our commitment to serve all non-minor dependents, with a specialized focus on pregnant and parenting systems-involved youth, stems from a deep understanding and empathy that only lived experience can offer.

We believe in more than just support; we believe in transformation. We're driven by a vision that colors outside the lines, crafts unique masterpieces tailored to each individual, and exposes our participants to the world's endless possibilities. We're not here to offer the bare minimum; we aim to provide an enriched life, filled with opportunities and the finest experiences. Our drive, courage, and dedication are unwavering, and it's all fueled by the love and determination we've found in each other and the key instrumental folks who've planted seeds along our journey.

This is not just our mission; it's our life's calling. We invite you to join us in this incredible adventure. Let's build a world where every young person knows they matter, where every obstacle turns into an opportunity, and where every dream has the chance to soar.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Latrenda Leslie & Vincianna Reed

Co-Founders, Pivotal Impact

Photo of Vincianna and Latrenda in 2013 - Alameda County Youth Advocates

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